We believe in QUALITY not spitting out endless quantity so don’t worry about being spammed or flooded – not going to happen. Therefore our wrath is on the Eddy clan, minus Alexis, in this article. Below is a little video we put together on how it all came about – from Alexis reaching out to us to the mission impossible operation by the Eddy clan in the final hour to stop her interview from being finalized with us teluguonline sex chat. Will the Eddy clan wield some pitch forks & torches & come marching to the West Coast in search of NewsBall’s team. She is cognizant that her life is derailed & that life in general is crazy. This is only the beginning of NewsBall becoming a household name. Tell your friends & family to subscribe to our notifications so you are alerted when our next publication is published. & NewsBall was there as the go to news source for this case. Her Dad is here (1)(2)(3) *** Well, it’s about that time to put THE END on our commentary of this series, & turn it over to the TV specials that have partnered with us to bring you the Skylar Neese murder story. If this saga warrants so many books, perhaps NewsBall should publish their version of this story as well. The Eddy’s hired a lawyer last year to sue NewsBall, but in the end, they couldn’t. Some will question the merits of her motive for doing so, but cut her some slack, this is a 17 year old girl we are talking about & this is the phenomenon of NewsBall. It seems one way or another, sooner or later, whether we negatively profiled you earlier in our coverage or not, we get you as a source.

Daleen Berry was there to promote her book on this tragedy. We embrace frivolous lawsuits from transparently greedy individuals.  She describes Rachel as throwing up over being scared to death of facing 20+ years since she lied (doesn’t elaborate on the lie), & she even diagrams her cell. Family members share a bond that cannot be broken sometimes, it is an unconditional love no matter what one of them may have done. in works with allmajor smart mobile phones,android,windows,iphone,ipod and tablets devices, Telugu without registration in onlinechat. Hilarious that they are going to sit there & try to claim a monopoly on rights to information that we give out for free, & at 10 fold levels. There were no animal killings, she does not believe Shelia was born to be destined to do this, etc, but you probably won’t hear the second halves of what she had to say each time she elaborated on clarifying what she meant. Now they want blood money for Shelia Eddy killing Skylar Neese, but in the end they can’t. What we have all been waiting for – letters from Shelia Eddy from behind bars. Alexis did provide us Raven’s dirt & pictures of the trio as she wanted them exposed, but then changed her mind.   ( NewsBall appears at the 29 minute mark) Now that the final cut has been seen, let’s elaborate on what the VLOG describes about Kelly Kerns & Shania Ammons. Enter your name & email & we will send you a quick notification with a link & description – every time we post something exposure worthy. The editing room won’t show any mercy though, but the reaction we have received shows Crissy was believable, while Shania was Dave & Mary Neese were there to represent Skylar.

Join FREE Telugu Chat Rooms, Telugu Chat Online Chat Rooms, Telugu Chat Rooms, local Telugu Chat Rooms Telugu Chat with local strangers without registration.  It won’t be often – we will decide on a case by case basis which deserves an alert & which will just require you to check the site for the lesser stories. Shelia Eddy has never mentioned Skylar Neese in any letter sent..
. We have requests coming in: But then we have the suppressors of uncensored media telling us the opposite. Whenever it is that Alexis Eddy is freed from her informal prison, we want her to know that we vouch for you, & the haters that are speaking ill of you are unreasonable & wrong.  That is the difference between NewsBall & mainstream media. After 100’s of hours spent on this series, it’s nice to get some vindication & recognition of being a valuable part of this story to have made it into these shows.  Don’t think anyone has the current ebook version in a format available for email, but if so, send it our way. When we publish new stories worthy of your attention & which we are extra proud of & demands attention, you will be the 1st to know. There are numerous references to seemingly putting the blame on a random set of circumstances & meeting the wrong person which led to Skylar’s death. Here is the Dateline Special on the Skylar Neese story: ( *** we took all of the footage, we were the photographer *wink wink*, we were besties with Skylar. ..


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